Abhishek Nandakumar

Product Design Manager at Facebook Reality Labs

I manage and lead teams designing the future of the Oculus VR operating system. Before this, I helped craft and build the teams that stood up Instagram Shopping and the Facebook Payments Platform, enabling millions of transactions across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp today.

Previously, I led design and product strategy at Yahoo, Amazon Lab126 and Telenav.

Quest 2 Operating System Now

We're working to make the OS more powerful while being simple and performant.

Oculus Anytime UI 2020

Years in the making, we redesigned the new Oculus system menu to make it more personal, contextual and available across apps.

Instagram Shopping for Brands 2019

Best-in-class tools for brands to establish their storefront on Instagram.

Instagram Brand Insights 2019

Helping new digital businesses find creators to boost their brand.

Messenger Commerce 2018

Used by millions of merchants across Asia, we built the first messaging-based POS and digital storefront powered by people's favorite payment methods.

Facebook Payments Platform 2017

Eliminating surprise while checking out on Facebook and Instagram so people feel safe while buying from their favorite brands and merchants get paid faster.

Scout for Apple Watch 2016

A new watch companion app for Scout to pin places, get route suggestions and share your ETA while keeping your phone in your pocket.

Scout GPS 2015

Navigation for friends and family, including multi-car shared navigation, live ETAs and contactless voice chat to communicate while keeping you eyes on the road.

Yahoo Search Apps 2014

With more searches on mobile than ever, we built apps to get faster and more accurate results to complex intents—math, mortgages, movie tickets, tips and more.

Yahoo Search Design Language 2014

Working with a team of 4 other designers, I helped make the search experience feel consistent, predictable and familiar across Yahoo Search, Mail and Finance.

Amazon Fire TV 2013

A member of the original design team and responsible for the design of navigation and search. Now an industry-wide practice, we were the first to let customers watch content without worrying about which app to launch.